A Portfolio FD is a great addition to your team

Increasingly private equity houses are requesting that any funding is conditional on having a suitable Finance Director in your team, if the company raising funds is an SME then this FD will often be part time.   On the back of this an entire niche industry has grown up in the UK known as the Portfolio FD.

A Porfolio FD is a Finance Director who works for more than one business / client at the same time.  The idea works very well for all concerned the finance director gets varied interesting work and to add value, and the client gets an affordable solution and the money they need from the private equity house.

FC Capital specialises in Part time FD’s they are based in Telford but serve the West Midlands and London.   The market is growing quickly and is forecast to double in size again in the coming 3 years.

There are many good reasons for going down this route.

  • Costs are lower
  • Often the FD will be harder working and more productive
  • Pay as you go
  • Control costs
  • Get a high calibre professional on your team.

If you need a Portfolio FD then reach out today!

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